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Chefs Club Counter

January 14, 2018

Supreme Burger

Supreme Burger

I wanted to come here for the breakfast sandwiches, but unfortunately I was too late, so I settled for a burger. The burger menu was pretty large, as far as burger menus go. I asked the person at the counter for her recommendation and she said to go for the supreme burger. A pretty straight forward burger:

Beef, Cheese, Special Sauce, Lettuce, Onions, Pickles, Sesame Bun.

Overall, it was pretty good, it just wasn’t worth $15. This burger tasted like a classic diner burger, but to pay $15 bucks for a diner burger is 3x more expensive than it should be. If a burger is going to cost that much, it better be the best burger I’ve ever had.

Rating: 6/10

Jacob Aronoff

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