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Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop

January 25, 2018

Pancakes & Chocolate Egg Cream

Pancakes & Chocolate Egg Cream

Rarely is a meal in NYC cheaper than $6 and absolutely amazing. To me, this is the quintessential New York diner. The food is cheap, but absolutely amazing. It’s a real diner and has everything a diner should have; cheap chairs, cheap food, fast food, and a good staff. I’m going to be bringing all of my friends here for brunches/ breakfasts. I got the pancakes were sooooo fluffy with a side of bacon ($7). The side of bacon wasn’t just like two strips though, it was HUGE lot of it. The egg cream, which has neither egg nor cream, was awesome too. Really loved this meal, can’t wait to go back, deserves the 10/10 rating. Best bang for your buck in the city.

Rating: 10/10

Jacob Aronoff

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