Eh... I Could Eat

Ivan Ramen

January 13, 2018

Pork Buns

Ivan Ramen

Tonkatsu Tsukemen

Ivan Ramen

I loved Ivan Ramen! I think it was the best ramen i’ve ever had. I started with the pork buns and got the tonkatsu tsukeman. The pork buns were incredibly juicy and very very tasty. The ramen though was perfect. The noodles are served cold and seperate from the broth. On the side are spicy collared greens, Cha-Shu pork, and an amazingly tasty egg. I loved just dipping everything in to the broth and getting more warmth into the noodles. I also loved the cha shu, perfectly cooked. I think it’s the best of the best ramen you can get in NYC!

Rating: 9/10

Jacob Aronoff

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