The start of veganuary

Jacob Aronoff


My yearly tradition of veganuary has begun. This month (and for however long I can avoid my meaty temptations) I will be eating and cooking solely vegan food. One small addendum, is that I won't waste anything already in my fridge that will spoil, so I probably will use some of the heavy cream, milk, eggs in there for a cake for a friend.

Vodka + kale / fennel caeser

pasta and salad

Tonight I made a vegan vodka sauce with the Vesuvio pasta from Sfoglini. Pretty simple recipe of cooking lots of garlic and pepper flake in olive oil, add a can of san marzanos, sugar, and I added some white miso for umami. Cook that for a while, and then simmer with a bit of vodka. Meanwhile, microwave some cashews and water and then blend it. After that's been blended, add the cooked down sauce and blend until smooth.

I also made a kale and fennel caesar salad with a simple vegan caeser dressing that fit well. I massaged the kale for a while, rinsed it, and then let it sit in some lightly salted water while I made the pasta. I added the sliced fennel, carl made the dressing and mixed it all together.

We topped both with some breadcrumbs from croutons I made last month.