Sauteed Beans, Crispy Rice, Cauliflower Mole Paratha Tacos

Jacob Aronoff

Sauteed Beans

bean and rice

This is a formulaic bean recipe based on this from seriouseats. The gist of it is to just sautee some veg in oil, add some spices, sautee, add beans, finish with vinegar and profit.

I served that over some of the leftover rice from the day before which I fried as a pancake and flipped (well mostly flipped, some ended up on the ground :/.)

Cauliflower Mole Paratha Taco


I made some rich mole a few months ago that was sitting in the freezer, so I heated that up and poured it over some well roasted cauliflower florets. Florets were done at varying temps in the oven because I couldn't make up my mind, but it probably ended up being 400F for about 20 mins. I had some leftover leeks and celery that I blanched and then shocked in an ice bath. Once those were mostly done, I pan-fried some vegan paratha I got from kalustyan's. I put it together almost like a stuffed taco – paratha, cauliflower, leek, mole, garnish with some parsley. We then added some of the aforementioned beans at the table which went super well! The mole was rich and had a good bitterness to offset the sweetness of the cauli and acid from the beans.