Week #2 of Veganuary

Jacob Aronoff



First thing for the week was some vegan menemen. One of my favs to make, super simple and flavorful. Saute some onion, add some spices, add in some canned san marzanos, simmer for a while, add in silken tofu, enjoy w/ toasted bread.


panang curry

I love making thai curry pastes. We go out shopping, and luckily the thai grocer had everything we needed! I made the panang curry paste, prepping ingredients for a few hours and then letting it go in the food processor for like a minute. I used the paste to make a potato, thai eggplant, and crispyyyyy tofu. I got horrible pics of this, sooooo I'm just showing the paste.



Pandan Kuehs are some of my fav vegan desserts to make, they have this custardy pudding consistency and have this lovely aroma. I love this pandan and coconut one.



A few months ago, I went to monteverde in Chicago and had this amazing squash that was roasted, cooled, surrounded by labne, topped with an argodolce and parm and served with rye crackers. It was incredible. I made a version of that for hannukah, but this one was done with koginut squash, no parm, served over farro and topped with some breadcrumbs. This was even better than the last. The leftovers though, were the real star. I took the squash, fried it on the griddle, put it between some fantastic smør toasted sourdough topped with that agrodolce and it was divine. I'm going to make this allll the time with whatever squash is in season.