Week #3 of veganuary

Jacob Aronoff

This was a very tough week. I made some good food to keep me comforted in this hard time.



Using allll the stock I made, it was time to make lots of risotto. This was the pressure cooker vegan risotto from seriouseats. While the risotto was going, I sauteed some mushrooms, and separately braised and sauteed broccoli rabe with plenty of salt and pepper.

Risotto pancake

risotto pancake

Using these leftovers, I cooked down the risotto in a cast iron skillet until both sides were plenty browned. Once that was done, I topped with lots of chives and pickled peppers. I also added some lemondrop hot sauce which really made it incredible.

Coconut Almond Cake

coconut almond cake

This was a great recipe from Alicia Kennedy, instead of the vanilla and almond extract I added some homemade pandan extract which paired really nicely with all the coconut flavor.



Another easy vegan dish, I took the frozen rice cakes, braised them in soy sauce, lots of gochujang and gochugaru, some sake, etc. I topped the cakes with some crispy curly kale and lots of sesame.

Makhani Take Two


Okay this was probably the best makhani sauce I've made yet. I'm going to try and recall the general amounts of things I did, because it was a lot:

I also toasted and ground:

I sauteed some diced shallot and onion in some vegan butter, and on the side I fried grated garlic and ginger in some coconut oil. I added the garlic and ginger to the onion and then stirred it. Then I added all of the spices until they were bloomed. Then I added some tomato sauce until combined and added about a cup of coconut milk. I let them all simmer for about 20 mins while I roasted some cauliflower. After 20 mins, I blended the sauce together and simmered some kale in it for about 10 mins, stirring frequently. I finished it with some lime juice, paratha on the side, and lots of cilantro on top.