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February 09, 2018

Kama-Age with Chicken and Mushrooms

Kama-Age with Chicken and Mushrooms

I really liked sobaya, it was a very packed restaurant filled with amazing scents of noodles and soup. I decided to go for the traditional soba dish of Kama-age where you dip your noodles in to a broth (similar to Ivan Ramen’s tsukemen). Because I was very hungry I decided to get a side of chicken and mushrooms. The chicken was very tasty, but the mushrooms were amazing! They were really juicy and flavorful and added a good amount of umami to the dish. If I didn’t get the side dish, the whole dish would have cost around $10-12 which is very worth it for the amount of food that is. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a pleasant change up from the usual ramen spot.

Rating: 9/10

Jacob Aronoff

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